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About Us

What is Milk Paint?

Milk Paint Powder IS a naturally safe historic paint that is handmade in powder form in South Africa.

Mankind has been decorating and covering everything from cave walls to cabins, furniture to farmhouses for literally thousands of years. Artifacts found in Egyptian pyramids were found to have been painted with Milk Paint. Because milk paint was so simple to make and use, it was for thousands of years, the major form of decoration throughout the world.

About Milk Paint

The primary reason milk paint lasts so long is that the Casein in milk reacts with the lime. Pigments made from natural earth elements are added to give colours, and South Africa is blessed with an abundance of beautiful natural pigments.

If Milk Paint Powder were invented today it would be touted as a “no-VOC miracle finish”!  You can still make your own paint the old-fashioned way.

Milk Paint Powder ranks as one of the most user-friendly and forgiving finishes sitting on the shelf. Sold in powder form, the water-based paint applies easily to most wood and porous surfaces, dries quickly and wears like iron. Unlike latexes or alkyds, milk paint will not chip or flake.

Chalk & Cheese has a fully equipped production facility where all their  Milk Paint Powder is hand mixed,  packed and sold. They produce a paint powder using tried and tested ingredients that not only give the look of historic paints but are completely biodegradable and child friendly, with no VOC’s, HAP’s or EPA-exempt solvents added. Follow the mixing instructions and you will have a paint that is as safe as drinking milk. (But this is not recommended).

If you’re looking to add rich colour to your next project do yourself a favour and buy a packet of Milk Paint Powder.

  • Pomegranate

  • Kale

  • Butter Cream

  • Ash

  • Aqua

  • Spanish Olive