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Is Milk Paint Powder Vegetarian-friendly?

Is Milk Paint Powder Vegetarian-friendly?

The answer depends on what type of vegetarian we are referring to. If you eat dairy products then Milk Paint Powder is definitely the paint you want to use if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly paint. All the ingredients that makeup Milk Paint Powder are sourced from nature. There are no VOC’s or chemicals. The bonding agent is the natural combination of the casein in the milk powder with the calcium carbonate (lime) which forms a natural resin when mixed with warm water. The Egyptians figured this out over a thousand years ago and some of their paintings are still around for us to marvel at!

In addition, Milk Paint Powder is not tested on animals. In fact, you could drink the mixed paint and not suffer, though it’s really not recommended!

And something that should satisfy both lacto-vegetarians and meat-eaters – washing your brushes in the sink will not contaminate the water in the way that your conventional VOC laden PVA’s. Some Chalk Paint use small amounts of VOC’s as well. Check before you buy!

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