Milk Paint Powder

Milk Paint Powder vs. Chalk Paint Shelf life

One of the big advantages that Milk Paint Powder has over Chalk Paint is shelf life.

If you’re the sort of person that likes to keep partly filled tins of paint in the hope that they will be needed later, and then only to find, on opening, that  the paint is a solid thick mess? Then Milk Paint Powder should be high on the list of paint. The shelf life of Milk Paint Powder is in excess of 5 years. Try that with Chalk Paint! You will then always have a source of paint that you can conveniently scoop out your required quantity, add water, stir and then paint. Of course you can also experiment with your left over Milk Paint Powder – try mixing up your own personal colour. Just remember the ratios. And if you invent the colour of your dreams you can then easily reproduce it after buying some Milk Paint Powder.