Milk Paint Powder


Deep Sky


As Deep Sky Milk Paint Powder is a natural, non-toxic product using earth pigments, all the Contemporary colours are inspired by mother nature’s hues.

Deep Sky Milk Paint Powder is a product that bonds with hard porous surfaces by way of a naturally forming resin called calcium caseinate. It is predominantly used on sanded wood and cob walls, without the need for a primer or sealer.

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Find out what amount will suit you!

  • Makes 100ml will cover approx. 0.8m2
  • Makes 500ml covers approx. 4m2
  • Makes 2000ml covers approx. 16m2

  • Examples:
  • Makes 100ml will paint a small nightstand or chair.
  • Makes 500ml will cover a Medium sized cupboard or chest of drawers.
  • Makes 2000ml will cover a table plus 4 chairs or a large cupboard.

  • Note:
    Coverage depends on the following factors:
    1. Color. Lighter colors cover more than the darker ones do.
    2. Porosity of the material being painted. More porous = lesser coverage.
    3. Desired paint effect. The more water added, the greater coverage but the more translucent the colour.