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Pure Tung Oil 250ml


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Pure Tung Oil 250ml in plastic 250ml bottle.

A tried and trusted oil for wood-finishing since the days of Confucius. Also known as China Wood Oil and made from Tung Tree Nuts. Harder, more water resistant and less prone to yellowing than its cheaper relative Linseed oil. Pure Tung Oil will not darken with age as other finishes will. It resists marring, penetrates well and remains elastic. Tung oil builds up quickly, consolidates the wood surface and builds a transparent matt finish. Pure Tung Oil will not mildew or bleed like linseed oil when dry. Excellent for outdoor finishes.


Find out what amount will suit you!

  • Makes 100ml will cover approx. 0.8m2
  • Makes 500ml covers approx. 4m2
  • Makes 2000ml covers approx. 16m2

  • Examples:
  • Makes 100ml will paint a small nightstand or chair.
  • Makes 500ml will cover a Medium sized cupboard or chest of drawers.
  • Makes 2000ml will cover a table plus 4 chairs or a large cupboard.

  • Note:
    Coverage depends on the following factors:
    1. Color. Lighter colors cover more than the darker ones do.
    2. Porosity of the material being painted. More porous = lesser coverage.
    3. Desired paint effect. The more water added, the greater coverage but the more translucent the colour.